Long awaited approval

CITY OF OROVILLE approves a long awaited and encouraged project.

Cheers to the City of Oroville for giving the green light to WalMart on their proposed new Super Center. The Super Center is a much needed addition to our town. In addition to adding jobs, it will add another choice for shoppers. Potentially this may open the doors for other businesses to follow and thus enhancing our economic outlook. The City of Oroville and it’s beautiful out-lying areas are a GOLD mine waiting for the miners to come with their determination and vision.  Oroville is called the CITY OF GOLD for a reason..let’s make it more apt today than it was in the 49er days.  While Mother Nature has blessed us with un-paralleled wildflowers, great expanses of landscape, gorgeous sunsets, the mighty Feather River and Fall Rivers, the sixth highest water fall in the USA, the one of a kind Bald Rock formations and vast views from seemingly on top of the world along with our great Lake Oroville we only need more businesses and retailers to make this truly a one stop location to vacation.