Please come and view the video below..it is a fast paced tour of only a few of Oroville’s perks!!! 


Oroville is a lovely place to live and play!!!  Mother Nature has blessed us with many wonderful beauties. I hear over and over how the people here are nice. Neighbor helps neighbor. I love the small town atmosphere and it gets even better during the holidays, parades and special events. I took the photo in this article on the walking path past the Nature Center up the hill by the Fish Hatchery..if you turn around and look back the way you came..you feel as though you are transported in time..as if there were no other humans around and life slows to a heartbeat, you can breathe the fresh air, hear the water rushing over the fish dam and look out across the scenery to see the sparkling sun light dancing off the calmer water along the Feather River and the bridge looking as if it was part of the scenery all along. In certain months, you will see the salmon cresting the water, some launching themselves in the air. It is definately hard to describe the abundance of natural beauty you see here and the peace you feel as a spectator to it!!