Jerome, Bear, Buddy, Happy, Nancy, Cowboy

Oroville  Self  Serve, Oroville’s best, full service, newly renovated and expanded dismantler yard is owned and operated by Jerome, Joyce and Bear Johnson. This big dismantling yard is comprised of the old B&E  and Nick’s located on Feather River Boulevard. 

Oroville Self Serve boasts the biggest dismantler yard in Oroville, in addition to being the most orderly and as clean. They provide you with interchange searches. They will loan you the tools to remove your part(s) and a wheelbarrow to help cart it. You can buy batteries and tires. If you need an engine or transmission, they will locate one for you for purchase. You can purchase Anti-freeze for just a buck..best to bring your own container in case they are out. Think of all the money you save.

Oroville Self Serve offers motorcycles, cars big and small, trucks of all types,  the occasional tractor and golf cart for sell. You just never know what will be offerred for sale until you go check it out.  If you have a vehicle for sale, give them a call.  If you need property cleaned up, a home trashed out, mobile homes removed, give them a call.  They assist home owners or realtors with their needs of having  properties in Oroville, all of Butte and Yuba County cleaned up.

Come on by and see the folks at Oroville Self Serve, you will be treated fairly and honestly and leave with a smile on your face. They truely are an ALL SERVICE DISMANTLING YARD. All of this along with years and years of experience and veracity make this the best dismantler yard in my opinion, all of  Northern California.

COME ON DOWN to 2815 Feather River Boulevard, Monday – Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. sharp.
Plenty of Parking. Millions of Parts. Hundreds of Vehicles. Great Deals. Honesty. Great Service.