When I am out showing real estate in Oroville, CA and my clients need hot or cold food or drink fast..I take them by Robertson’s Market located at 5291 Lower Wyandotte Road in Oroville, CA. This is is my favorite local Mom and Pop store but it is not owned by a Mom and Pop but rather Frank.

This has got to be the friendliest store in town. It offers all the usual
fare, then hot food that the local high school kids and workers gobble up as fast as it goes on, and a deli. Fresh sandwiches made at the time of order. Fresh meat cut daily. You can call and order meat packages. Your way. Absolute customer service.

You can get your money orders there, your newspapers, and a daily dose of politics if you really want. It seems that the vendors all have a smile on their face when they deliver there. I have seen customers walk in and they just know what that particular customer will request for the most part! Like magic, but really just very good service making the customers feel like they matter, like they are at home there. It has happened often that when you walk into the store, you will encounter folks standing around..not because of a long line but because everyone is chatting with each other. Regardless of your age, it seems as if the clerks know everyone’s name. Small town atmosphere, not just another face in the crowd. Personable and good natured folks taking care of you.

So stop by and see Frank, Babe, Ben, Jerry, Perry and Shannon and/or Brittany!! They are awesome.  I thank them for
making Robertson’s Market such a  friendly place to come to.

Open 7 days a week 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

530-533-5226 Robertson’s Market

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