Housing Market Outlook


State/Region/County Jan-18 Dec-17 Jan-17 Price MTM% Chg Price YTY% Chg Sales MTM% Chg Sales YTY% Chg
CA SFH (SAAR) $527,800 $549,560 $491,840 R -4.0% 7.3% -7.6% -2.9%
CA Condo/Townhomes $433,330 $446,840 $399,760 R -3.0% 8.4% -24.1% -5.3%
Los Angeles Metropolitan Area $492,450 $495,720 $452,110 R -0.7% 8.9% -21.5% -3.6%
Inland Empire $349,710 $345,570 $314,390 R 1.2% 11.2% -16.4% 0.0%
S.F. Bay Area $809,900 $885,030 $730,200 -8.5% 10.9% -33.7% -4.6%
S.F. Bay Area Jan-18 Dec-17 Jan-17 Price MTM% Chg Price YTY% Chg Sales MTM% Chg Sales YTY% Chg
Alameda $840,000 $862,000 $755,000 -2.6% 11.3% -38.7% -5.9%
Contra Costa $555,000 $600,000 $540,000 -7.5% 2.8% -28.9% -6.9%
Marin $1,317,500 $1,268,900 $1,150,000 3.8% 14.6% -37.8% 3.7%
Napa $662,000 $688,000 $662,500 -3.8% -0.1% -24.8% 0.0%
San Francisco $1,330,000 $1,475,000 $1,250,000 -9.8% 6.4% -34.0% -8.8%
San Mateo $1,437,500 $1,500,000 $1,150,000 -4.2% 25.0% -46.1% -9.5%
Santa Clara $1,170,000 $1,300,000 $927,500 -10.0% 26.1% -35.6% -4.5%
Solano $425,000 $416,000 $387,400 2.2% 9.7% -28.0% -12.0%
Sonoma $670,000 $670,000 $579,500 0.0% 15.6% -24.5% 15.0%
Southern California Jan-18 Dec-17 Jan-17 Price MTM% Chg Price YTY% Chg Sales MTM% Chg Sales YTY% Chg
Los Angeles $564,100 $577,920 $509,130 R -2.4% 10.8% -27.3% -6.8%
Orange $780,000 $785,500 $740,000 -0.7% 5.4% -21.9% -6.6%
Riverside $397,250 $385,000 $357,500 3.2% 11.1% -18.6% -3.5%
San Bernardino $277,000 $278,000 $245,440 R -0.4% 12.9% -12.9% 5.6%
San Diego $590,000 $605,000 $550,000 -2.5% 7.3% -21.4% -2.4%
Ventura $660,720 $645,000 $587,250 R 2.4% 12.5% -8.0% 3.7%
Central Coast Jan-18 Dec-17 Jan-17 Price MTM% Chg Price YTY% Chg Sales MTM% Chg Sales YTY% Chg
Monterey $571,500 $614,000 $572,500 -6.9% -0.2% -14.6% 9.6%
San Luis Obispo $565,000 $590,000 $536,000 -4.2% 5.4% -11.8% -5.2%
Santa Barbara $567,000 $730,000 $710,000 -22.3% -20.1% -24.3% 6.0%
Santa Cruz $790,000 $831,000 $800,000 -4.9% -1.3% -31.1% -0.9%
Central Valley Jan-18 Dec-17 Jan-17 Price MTM% Chg Price YTY% Chg Sales MTM% Chg Sales YTY% Chg
Fresno $253,500 $259,750 $238,000 R -2.4% 6.5% -20.3% -2.3%
Glenn $228,500 $230,000 $221,000 -0.7% 3.4% 6.7% 0.0%
Kern $225,500 $233,000 $215,000 -3.2% 4.9% -21.1% -3.8%
Kings $238,000 $225,000 $200,000 5.8% 19.0% -23.4% -1.4%
Madera $239,000 $245,000 $237,500 R -2.4% 0.6% 21.8% -9.1%
Merced $257,000 $239,900 $225,500 7.1% 14.0% -1.8% 27.4%
Placer $446,000 $451,500 $425,000 -1.2% 4.9% -28.9% 11.4%
Sacramento $350,000 $350,000 $305,000 0.0% 14.8% -20.8% 3.5%
San Benito $555,000 $537,000 $550,000 3.4% 0.9% -17.3% 43.3%
San Joaquin $350,000 $349,720 $307,500 0.1% 13.8% -21.3% 9.7%
Stanislaus $295,000 $300,000 $279,750 -1.7% 5.5% -20.9% 0.6%
Tulare $215,730 $219,500 $202,500 -1.7% 6.5% -20.8% 12.4%
Other Counties in California Jan-18 Dec-17 Jan-17 Price MTM% Chg Price YTY% Chg Sales MTM% Chg Sales YTY% Chg
Amador $330,000 $305,000 $295,000 8.2% 11.9% -36.5% -2.9%
Butte $314,750 $304,000 $264,000 3.5% 19.2% -28.5% 9.1%
Calaveras $306,500 $285,000 $285,000 7.5% 7.5% -31.6% 12.7%
Del Norte $198,500 $251,500 $218,500 -21.1% -9.2% 5.3% 42.9%
El Dorado $480,000 $450,000 $414,250 6.7% 15.9% -32.5% -10.4%
Humboldt $300,000 $319,500 $296,500 -6.1% 1.2% -25.9% 3.6%
Lake $279,000 $269,500 $215,000 3.5% 29.8% -30.8% -8.5%
Lassen $217,750 $175,000 $175,000 24.4% 24.4% -13.0% 17.6%
Mariposa $276,500 $310,000 $272,450 -10.8% 1.5% -20.0% -42.9%
Mendocino $425,000 $409,500 $417,500 3.8% 1.8% -15.6% -2.6%
Mono $480,000 $515,000 $526,750 -6.8% -8.9% -28.6% -37.5%
Nevada $382,000 $393,500 $366,500 -2.9% 4.2% -28.0% -20.0%
Plumas $265,950 $256,000 $300,250 3.9% -11.4% -33.3% -9.1%
Shasta $249,000 $258,250 $233,380 -3.6% 6.7% -13.1% 12.2%
Siskiyou $193,000 $192,500 $239,000 0.3% -19.2% -16.7% 48.1%
Sutter $284,200 $270,000 $252,000 5.3% 12.8% -6.5% 44.0%
Tehama $227,500 $190,000 $210,000 19.7% 8.3% -13.5% 18.5%
Tuolumne $265,000 $269,900 $279,450 -1.8% -5.2% -12.7% 10.0%
Yolo $383,000 $420,000 $380,000 -8.8% 0.8% -33.1% -28.3%
Yuba $265,360 $241,000 $250,000 10.1% 6.1% -15.9% 1.8%

*   Los Angeles Metropolitan Area is a 5-county region that includes Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and Ventura County
*   S.F. Bay Area has been redefined to include the following counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma
*   Inland Empire includes Riverside County and San Bernardino County
*   r = revised
*   MTM%c Chg = Percent change from prior month
*   YTY% Chg = Percent change from prior year

Regional/County sales data and condo sales data not seasonally adjusted.

The MLS median price and sales data for detached homes are generated from a survey of more than 90 associations of REALTORS® and MLSs throughout the state, representing 90 percent of the market. County sales data are not adjusted to account for seasonal factors that can influence home sales. MLS median price and sales data for condominiums are based on a survey of more than 60 associations. The median price for both detached homes an condominiums represents closed escrows. Movements in sales prices should not be interpreted as changes in the cost of a standard home. Median prices can be influenced by changes in cost and in the characteristics and size of homes sold. Due to low sales volume in some areas, median price changes may exhibit unusual fluctuation. C.A.R.’s data has been standardized to reflect county-level statistics.



Real economic development coming to the Oroville area. Oroville is comprised of many good, hard working people that really just want the best for the Oroville community. A good economy and an awesome area to live in with the best of beautiful scenery and out-door excursions. This news is thrilling to hear as it will bring more good people to our area to make this their home. With the Oroville Real Estate market very affordable, this is a win – win situation for many!!! Please see the video from Action News: http://www.actionnewsnow.com/videos/oroville-recognized-for-attracting-international-business-7397/


SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL VETERAN’S!!!! Here in OROVILLE, the OROVILLE AMERICAN LEGION POST 95 will be presenting a fun time with EATS AND DANCING  TO BENEFIT THE FURTHER DEVELOPMENT OF THE OROVILLE VETERAN’S MEMORIAL PARK that will feature the NAMES of our beloved VETERANS OF BUTTE COUNTY. Come on down to the OROVILLE VETERAN’S HALL on Montgomery Street by the River – Saturday, August 9th!!! Performance by DECADES with music from Chuck Berry to Katy Perry at 7:30 p.m. Spaghetti feed is from 1-7 p.m. – FULL No Host Bar. Raffle and door prizes. Dinner and Dance tickets $15.00 in advance and $17.00 at the door. Only want the dinner??? $10.00.   I know Realty World – Best Realty will be in attendance. Below is one of my favorite Veteran’s. My awesome DAD – Leslie C Gentle, Sr.—Rest In Peace..Dad!!


Good News On The Horizon??

sunriseTHE 2014 California  Association Of Realtors projection for the housing market has been released.

To quote:  “After distressed sales lost their hold on much of California’s market, the state’s housing market will continue to improve in 2014, with sales shifting toward primary home buyers and both sales and home prices posting further gains, according to the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®’ (C.A.R.) “2014 California Housing Market Forecast,” released today.

The C.A.R. forecast sees sales gaining 3.2 percent next year to reach 444,000 units, up from the projected 2013 sales figure of 430,300 homes sold.  Sales in 2013 will be down 2.1 percent from the 439,400 existing, single-family homes sold in 2012.

“The housing market has improved over the past year, and we expect this trend to continue into 2014,” said C.A.R. President Don Faught.  “As the economy enters the fourth year of a modest recovery, we expect to see a strong demand for homeownership, as buyers who may have been competing with investors and facing an extreme shortage of available housing return from the sidelines.”

As a Realtor doing business in Oroville, CA  this news is most encouraging! As we here in our office have numerous discussions on the past, current and future market and are always keeping a vigilant watch on the real estate trends such as the current pricing and inventory along with the fluid interest rates, not to mention the partial government shut down and it’s effect or lack thereof in some instances.

I look forward to 2014 and the improvements spoken of.

For now, I will cherish every day and my blessings. I will continue to be diligent in showing the Oroville homes to interested Buyers, or the Oroville vacant lands to those looking for that opportunity to develop their own slice of paradise. Our housing and bare land prices are very affordable and I do enjoy being one of the many tour guides for those new to our area and show them all of our amenities here, such as Lake Oroville, the mighty Feather River and it’s jumping salmon and awesome beauty, Bald Rock, and plethora of picturesque settings.


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For all of those who are renting and may be considering buying a home..this article,  from California Association of Realtors, has very good information in it. If you are looking for real estate in the Lake Oroville – Oroville area, there are some awesome deals right now making it more affordable to own your own home than to rent. 

Renting Versus Buying: 2011


This year California housing market conditions make a strong and compelling case for homeownership. With prices still well below the historic highs of just a few years ago and attractive mortgage rates, qualified buyers have a unique opportunity to own their own home. As seen below, a rigorous analysis of renting versus buying hears this conclusion out. As shown in the following chart, the monthly housing costs (principle, interest, taxes, and insurance or PITI) associated with buying a median-priced home of $301,430 is $1,590 (Fourth Quarter 2010 median priced home in California).  This assumes the buyer is making a 20 percent downpayment and financing with a 30-year fixed rate mortgage at 4.62 percent. In comparison, the median rent on a three-bedroom two-bath apartment with renter’s insurance in California is $1,810. That means buying a home would save the homeowner $220 per month when compared to renting and the homeowner would save over $2,600 a year.

                        click on graph for larger view   rentvsbuy2011.graph3.rev

In addition, existing tax laws allow homeowners to itemize and deduct the mortgage interest and property taxes from their taxable income. For example, compare the tax implications for two households both earning $63,430 a year, the minimum income required to purchase the statewide median-priced home of $301,430.* The household that purchases the home with a 20 percent downpayment and finances the mortgage at the current rate of 4.62 percent will receive a tax deduction of over $14,000 in the first year of ownership. The renter household will most likely utilize the IRS Standard deduction of $11,400, $2,600 less than their homeowner counterparts. The homebuyer reduces their total tax liability by $400 compared to the renter in the first year of ownership. Accounting for the out-of-pocket savings as well as the tax savings, the homebuyer saves over $3,000 in their first year of ownership.

                         click on graph for larger view

The mortgage rate is a significant factor in determining just how much a homebuyer can afford. Today’s low mortgage rate environment tips the scale—for some—in favor of buying versus renting. For a home priced at $400,000, with a 20 percent downpayment and a 4 percent mortgage rate, the monthly PITI will be $1,990 for the homebuyer. The monthly PITI jumps to $2,180 at 5 percent and to $2,380 at 6 percent. For each one percentage point increase in the mortgage rate, the payment goes up by almost $200 under these assumptions. Even for a lower priced home at $200,000, the difference in the monthly payment is significant as each percentage point rise in the mortgage rate tacks on $100 to the monthly PITI.

                       click on graph for larger view

Of course, there are many other socioeconomic benefits that homeownership brings to communities. And there are other costs associated with homeownership above and beyond the downpayment and monthly PITI. So as long as one has considered all of the costs and benefits of owning a home and is in the financial position to do so, there are some pretty compelling reasons to strive for the “American Dream.”

Other resources you may find useful for your clients:

NY Times Interactive Rent versus Buy calculator:

Bankrate.com’s questionnaire for potential homebuyers on whether or not to buy a home:

The National Association of REALTORS® resources for clients on renting versus buying:

1. Underlying assumptions for the Mortgage Interest Deduction and Property Tax (1 percent of the purchase price) deduction are based on the Traditional HAI Q4-2010 assumptions of: The prevailing median price in the 4th quarter 2010 (Median Price $301,430), effective FRM interest rate of 4.62%, a 20% downpayment, and a $241,144 loan amount.

2. Incomes are based on the underlying assumptions for the Traditional HAI. The same income is used for both Renters and Buyers and is assumed to be the Minimum Qualifying Income needed to purchase a median priced home in the 4th quarter 2010.

3. Tax rate based on 2010 IRS Schedule Y-1 Married Filing Jointly in 15% tax bracket (latest available from the IRS) assuming no changes over the 5 year horizon

4. Interest deduction based on the Traditional HAI Q4-2010 underlying effective FRM interest rate
of 4.62%, a 20% downpayment, and a $241,144 loan amount.

5. Property taxes are assumed to be constant over this 5 year analysis, thereby assuming the underlying market value remains unchanged. If the home value were to increase, under Proposition 13, the property tax assessment would increase at a rate of 2 percent per year. Along these same lines, income is also assumed to be constant over this 5 year analysis in order to keep the analysis simple and determine the basic 5 -year tax benefit of buying a home in 2010.


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When I am out showing real estate in Oroville, CA and my clients need hot or cold food or drink fast..I take them by Robertson’s Market located at 5291 Lower Wyandotte Road in Oroville, CA. This is is my favorite local Mom and Pop store but it is not owned by a Mom and Pop but rather Frank.

This has got to be the friendliest store in town. It offers all the usual
fare, then hot food that the local high school kids and workers gobble up as fast as it goes on, and a deli. Fresh sandwiches made at the time of order. Fresh meat cut daily. You can call and order meat packages. Your way. Absolute customer service.

You can get your money orders there, your newspapers, and a daily dose of politics if you really want. It seems that the vendors all have a smile on their face when they deliver there. I have seen customers walk in and they just know what that particular customer will request for the most part! Like magic, but really just very good service making the customers feel like they matter, like they are at home there. It has happened often that when you walk into the store, you will encounter folks standing around..not because of a long line but because everyone is chatting with each other. Regardless of your age, it seems as if the clerks know everyone’s name. Small town atmosphere, not just another face in the crowd. Personable and good natured folks taking care of you.

So stop by and see Frank, Babe, Ben, Jerry, Perry and Shannon and/or Brittany!! They are awesome.  I thank them for
making Robertson’s Market such a  friendly place to come to.

Open 7 days a week 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

530-533-5226 Robertson’s Market

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Jerome, Bear, Buddy, Happy, Nancy, Cowboy

Oroville  Self  Serve, Oroville’s best, full service, newly renovated and expanded dismantler yard is owned and operated by Jerome, Joyce and Bear Johnson. This big dismantling yard is comprised of the old B&E  and Nick’s located on Feather River Boulevard. 

Oroville Self Serve boasts the biggest dismantler yard in Oroville, in addition to being the most orderly and as clean. They provide you with interchange searches. They will loan you the tools to remove your part(s) and a wheelbarrow to help cart it. You can buy batteries and tires. If you need an engine or transmission, they will locate one for you for purchase. You can purchase Anti-freeze for just a buck..best to bring your own container in case they are out. Think of all the money you save.

Oroville Self Serve offers motorcycles, cars big and small, trucks of all types,  the occasional tractor and golf cart for sell. You just never know what will be offerred for sale until you go check it out.  If you have a vehicle for sale, give them a call.  If you need property cleaned up, a home trashed out, mobile homes removed, give them a call.  They assist home owners or realtors with their needs of having  properties in Oroville, all of Butte and Yuba County cleaned up.

Come on by and see the folks at Oroville Self Serve, you will be treated fairly and honestly and leave with a smile on your face. They truely are an ALL SERVICE DISMANTLING YARD. All of this along with years and years of experience and veracity make this the best dismantler yard in my opinion, all of  Northern California.

COME ON DOWN to 2815 Feather River Boulevard, Monday – Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. sharp.
Plenty of Parking. Millions of Parts. Hundreds of Vehicles. Great Deals. Honesty. Great Service.

Promoting the Business and Service spirit in Oroville

OROVILLE. For those of you who don’t know Oroville, I will be doing a blog fest introducing local businesses and what they offer. Oroville is comprised of alot of the “Mom and Pop” stores with some big corporations mixed in. A nice combination.

We have alot of hard-working and honest entrepreneurs in our midst bringing us unique offerings and/or services in a hometown atmosphere. That is not to say that we are left behind in the ages but rather a blend of old and new.  Some business owners are from here and some have come to visit and ended up staying. No, not the Hotel California kind of staying but rather, a choice!

Whether I am going to town for a specific need or driving clients around town and out-lying areas to look at Oroville real estate, or just beebopping around taking photos of our gorgeous Oroville lake, Feather River, and other beautiful areas to post..it is just comfortable here.

Stay tuned, same bat channel, different day to learn about the great businesses and services Oroville has to offer.